Breaking Auto News

Ford is using its newly combined data bases to market its Explorer 2002 directly to potential customers.

Read about Ford's plans for customer profiling to build "relationships."

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

Smart Money offers saavy tips on ways you may be able to lower your premiums.

Do you know all you should about auto insurance?

Smart Money's discussion of "10 Things Your Insurer Won't Tell You" may make you a wiser and warier consumer. Read it now.

How safe is your SUV in a crash?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on 4/23/01 released their test results for 40 mph frontal crashes for small sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Only two models performed well. Check out the report.

Will your pickup's bumper survive a 5 mph crash?

Review test results.

Are financial institutions really protecting your privacy?

Are financial institutions really protecting your privacy? Thirty days and counting. Most Americans have been receiving information from their banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. But just how protected are you, even if you send in that form within thirty days saying "don't share my information"? Read about the issues in a thought-provoking New York Times story.

And what about your online privacy?

Google's new online service may make all your online bulletin board posts and chats easily searchable. Check out the New York Times story.