Remar Sutton

Remar Sutton is president and co-founder with Ralph Nader of the non-profit Consumer Task Force for Automotive Issues. The Task Force currently collects and disseminates information on auto fraud activities, including Internet activities, for many state attorneys general, dozens of significant national consumer groups, and eight well-known plaintiff law firms. The Task Force also administers "The Reality Checklist for Vehicle Leasing," a project of twenty-three attorneys general and hundreds of consumer groups. Sutton serves without compensation as Task Force president.

Sutton's knowledge in the automotive area comes from his own experiences as a former automobile dealer, from an on-going eighteen-year investigation of dealership tactics and operational procedures (at times using undercover employees at dealerships), from his friends in the automobile business, from other experts he deals with, from his work with the attorneys general, and from the thousands of consumers who have written or talked with him over the years about their own dealership experiences. He is author of Don't Get Taken Every Time: The Ultimate guide to Buying or Leasing a Car in Showroom on on the Internet.

Twenty-Twenty, Sixty Minutes, Ted Koppel's Nightline, ABC Primetime, Good Morning America, TODAY, CBS Morning News, Newsweek, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, PBS television's News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and People magazine have all used Sutton as either a consultant, on-air authority, author, or subject. Sutton is a pro bono consultant to Ralph Nader and his affiliated groups and to Clarence Ditlow, president of the Center for Auto Safety and his affiliated groups. He is or has been a consultant to the attorneys general of New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, West Virginia, Hawaii and Missouri.

Remar Sutton has lectured on auto fraud at The Practicing Law Institute, and for various state attorneys general offices, for The National Consumer Law Center, The Consumer Federation of America, and the National Association of Attorneys General. He has been an expert witness concerning automotive issues in many of the major class action lawsuits in America.