National Coalition of Consumer Groups Targets “BMA” Clauses

By Remar Sutton
CTF-A CoFounder

Virtually every major consumer group in America has joined CTF-A in a national campaign to stop Binding Mandatory Arbitration Clauses, a "lawless system" which strips away consumers' rights to use the court system. The quote is from the San Francisco Examiner.

BMA clauses, as they are called, are hidden in auto contracts at thousands of dealerships. A story on these clauses is below.

The Coalition, founded by this task force, is called "Give Me Back My Rights." Head there now.

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Vehicle From Any Seller That Requires a "Mandatory Binding Arbitration Agreement"

By Remar Sutton, President
The Consumer Task Force For Automotive Issues

Mandatory Binding Arbitration Agreements are the newest scam in the arsenal of unethical dealership weapons used to protect dealerships from accountability when they defraud consumers. Read the story.

Mandatory Binding Arbitration Frequently Asked Questions

Ten Top Tips for Car Buyers

Find a credit union using the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) service.

INFO ALERT: Credit Unions offer most consumers best auto loan financing and assistance

Becoming a member of a credit union can help consumers in the car buying process. According to Dateline NBC, three credit unions were involved in their car sales report which aired Dec 5, 2003. An undercover shopper gets a significantly better loan deal at 1st Patriots FCU in South Carolina than at the local dealership. Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) in Boston is inviting Dateline viewers to visit its "StreetWise" auto section; and University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) in Austin helped NBC check finance figures in all transactions. You can find a credit union using the Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) service.

In the interest of full disclosure, CTF President Remar Sutton notes that he was aconsumer spokesperson for DCU and UFCU and worked with them on member education.

Check out Dateline NBC's website for Dec 5, 2003 program Hidden Camera Investigation: Car Sales. CTF's Remar Sutton was featured on the report.

The Consumer Task Force For Automotive Issues

By J.C. Pierce, Director

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